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Ateljé Stora Holm

the compass inside.

the compass inside.

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the compass inside.

To belong to yourself. To stand tall when the wind
is strong. When others say that you changed.
And perhaps you feel the same. That you indeed
have changed. In a good way. 

I believe that we often already know what we want.
And where we are heading. But we are easily distracted
and tempted to listen outwards.

It’s sometimes more enticing to ask others for advice,
than to trust the compass inside of you.

The fear of missing out, and of missing the point,
is a big one. And it’s something to practice…

Trusting yourself.


detailed information

Original painting - acrylic on canvas
Part of a triptyk

Size: 30 x 90 cm

Frame: exclusive light oak framing


Skickas i paket inom 2-5 dagar.
Kan även hämtas upp på Hisingen (välj lokal hämtning)

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