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conversations about.

conversations about.

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conversations about.

I enjoy being a part of something. A conversation.
To talk about change and new ideas.

To bounce ideas off other people who also want
to make a change. And to share thoughts that
others are interested in. 

If I share about some vulnerable stuff, perhaps you
will share your experience about that the next time.
Without having your guard up. You can feel safe. 

Our stories might be different, but at least we know
that there are more of us looking for answers.


Detailed information

Original painting - acrylic on canvas
Part of a triptyk

Size: 30 x 90 cm

Frame: exclusive light oak framing


Skickas som paket inom 2-5 dagar.
Kan även hämtas upp på Hisingen (välj lokal hämtning)

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